Fit 2 Be Live…as in Lively, Energized, Vibrant…you get the idea…it’s simple really, over the past 32 years as an athlete and the last 10 as a coach, trainer, and health & fitness specialist, and having trained hundreds of clients with diverse backgrounds and abilities (the “just getting going” to the “highest performing”), a few principles remain constant – those with fitness are those with the capacity to truly be (a)LIVE – those with the opportunity to get the most of this life and seek the things most fulfilling to them.  In this blog I’ll share some insight I’ve learned on my way, provide some practical recommendations here and there, guide you through some extraordinary stories of real people and their journey to a fit life and fulfilled life, and should you ask – happily meet you step for step as you get / stay FIT 2 Be LIVE!

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