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A Short Note of Thanks

You might not see them as much as you’d like, but rest assured…they’re out there.  In the work we do at Pro-Activity, we’ve been very fortunate to work with some of the best in the Utility business, and although it’s incredibly easy for some to lose patience and get frustrated in the aftermath of something like we just dealt with (Hurricane Sandy for those following from afar)….especially when you

may be without power…I can personally attest (having gotten to know some of these folks) that the Utility workers in the tri-state area are some of the most committed folks you’ll find.  For those Utility workers and other first responders out working hard to restore the infrastructure that allows us the privileged lives we live…please know that at the end of the day….you have our most sincere thanks and that all those who matter realize it’s more important for you to return safe to your families at the end of your seemingly round the clock shift…than it is for us to have our lights, tv’s, or even hot water.

Stay safe, and thank you for your commitment to restoring the comforts many of us rely on.

And to my followers…I promise…a recap of what I’ve been doing while not blogging is soon to come…’s a little taste….and just think, some of us actually pay to get soaked with mud


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Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio….

Given the fact that I was…well, “minus 13” when Simon & Garfunkel’s hit “Mrs. Robinson” came out…and since I’ve never actually scene “The Graduate”….I’ve never totally understood what this phrase meant…..but in thinking about how to title this blog….it seemed so fitting.

So fitting – since I’ve been more than just a little “MIA” lately in blogging… fitting – that my beloved NY Yankees (who face the possibility of being swept by the Detroit Tigers tonight) could SO use Joe D. right now…..and so fitting that last night, instead of watching the Yankees, I found myself glued to the Presidential Town Hall debate….DESPERATELY wanting for one of the candidates to say something with actual substance….not just statements about historical items….or what their track records are…or what the high level (aka vague) basis of their plans are to lead our country back to where we “should be”…..substance…you know…like HOW they might actually implement their plans.  And while I find myself so eagerly looking for new direction and leadership in the White House….I turned off last night’s debate feeling less than fulfilled.

So when I decided tonight was the night I’d start back to regular updates…the night I’d no longer “be gone” from the blog-o-sphere….Paul Simon’s lyrics popped into my head….and after doing a little research as to what he actually meant by this statement (below) ….I find myself missing “Joe Dimaggio”….a man, admittedly, I’ve never seen play.

[In a New York Times op-ed in March 1999,[9] shortly after DiMaggio’s death, Simon discussed this meeting and explained that the line was meant as a sincere tribute to DiMaggio’s unpretentious heroic stature, in a time when popular culture magnifies and distorts how we perceive our heroes. He further reflected: “In these days of Presidential transgressions and apologies and prime-time interviews about private sexual matters, we grieve for Joe DiMaggio and mourn the loss of his grace and dignity, his fierce sense of privacy, his fidelity to the memory of his wife and the power of his silence.”]

But while “Joltin Joe” may have left and gone away… plan is to come back, regularly, to blogging… part because the feedback from those that have chosen to read has been pleasant and uplifting….special thanks to Chris S – a guy I’ve respected for a number of years, who stopped me randomly this weekend to tell me how moved and inspired he was by my piece on my Boston Marathon experience….and the rest…selfishly…for me…..because somewhere in the last 4 months, I’ve gotten away from one of the things that’s served as an incredible tool for self-reflection (this blog)…something that’s helped keep me focused on WHY….and something….like Joe D…..that I’ve missed.

For all those that  truly desire a path of “Fit 2 Be (a)LIVE”, I encourage you to think about the reflection tools in your life and how they impact your personal health and wellness…it certainly helps me.  Till next time (when I’ll fill in some of the 4 month gap)….remember…”Heaven Holds A Place For Those Who Pray”….


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