Pursue With Pride

Been a while since I’ve posted…no excuses, I’ve just been lame. Well, at least in my writing. It’s funny, I had a friend and client ask me the other day…in not so many words….”what do you want to be when you grow up”. It kind of through me for a loop at first…I mean to be honest, I’m not really used to folks asking me about my personal goals, etc……I’m usually the one doing the asking…but this person is pretty important to me, so fair enough. I admitted that I loved coaching people and helping them achieve their goals…sometimes helping them realize something they never thought possible, other times just giving the extra bit of encouragement or training tools they need to put the finishing touches on top of an already incredibly solid foundation. I told her that what I’d love to do more of is writing, and that someday…after a few more interesting experiences and stories to tell…some day I’d love to get into the professional speaking circuit.

But what I failed to get out was what I’ve written so many times….. that my life’s mission is to live with uncompromising commitment and relentless drive, to stay true to family and self, and to have the courage to pursue with pride. Sound vague? Yeah, I could see that. The thing is there isn’t only one thing I’m specifically after…but instead to me it’s more important that whatever I’m after…I pursue it in the RIGHT way! So while today’s pursuit may be somewhat different than tomorrow’s, my mission is to truly go after it, never sacrificing my values or ideals, and take pride in and enjoy the pursuit.

“Yesterday’s pursuit” (actually 10 days ago) included my first Olympic Triathlon…something I initially thought would be a bit of a stretch goal. After all, only two short months ago I struggled to swim 100 meters without rest and this event included 1500 meters of swimming, but this was another one of those experiences I felt I “had” to have. And although there were times I thought how easy it would be to just bag it….to stay true and achieve it (2:38:57 time for 1500 meter swim, 24 mi bike, 6.2 mi run) put another notch in my athletic belt, a check mark off my 2012 goals, but above all….provided an even more undying respect for those athletes that pursue triathlon.

And for tomorrow’s pursuit (besides being an awesome husband, father, brother, son, entrepreneur, coach, colleague, and friend)…..to get back to basics a bit and re-find the fun and passion in my own personal strength workouts! I’ll keep you posted…but till then, go find the passion in your pursuit!


p.s. To all my NJ-NY Track Club friends, especially those that have trained with me the last few months…Julie, Frances, Kate, Ashley, Nicole, and Steph….good luck at the US Olympic trials next week….we’re pulling for you! For all you readers, if you’re somewhat local and would like to join us, we’ll be hosting viewing parties at our facility to cheer our friends on!




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