Time to Start Dreaming Again

I’ve been getting a little more active on Twitter lately….never really was huge on social media, but I’m finding this device is pretty cool.  I can quickly get headlines on news for the day….interesting business advice from some of the worlds best…and follow along in the lives of friends, family, or just about anyone I find interesting.

One of the person I’m following on Twitter is a “running-mom” who began following me at my recent marathon….and like I do with most people who follow me, I followed her back.  Don’t worry..not ANOTHER running blog….there are actually more important things in life.  But the thing that I think is cool about this “running-mom” is this woman’s mantra…”Dream Big…Run Long”.

In reading some of her blogs and her mantra over and over again…it got me to start thinking about “Dreaming Big” (not so much about running long..not there yet)…..maybe it’s time I start dreaming again and planning for 2012.

In year’s past, I find that I am guilty as most folks are…I start really planning out objectives for the new year…just when the new year actually starts.  Why would someone do this?  It makes absolutely no sense…..it’s like starting the race 5 minutes after the actual start….puts us all behind from the get go.

So I’m vowing to put a little more advanced planning into 2012….and while I don’t know just exactly what I’ll dream up or set my heart on achieving….I know the areas in which I will focus will be the same as they have been over the last five years:

  1. Family / Relationships
  2. Faith
  3. Health & Fitness
  4. Professional Development
  5. Community Service
  6. Personal Assets
Yup…that’s right…I’ll set goals around each…plan around each…track my progress around each…and if all goes as intended….have stronger relationships with those I care about, a deeper faith…a more fit body & mind, an advancing career, a charitable mission accomplished, and more valuable assets.
Should be no problem…right?  Better get to dreaming up how I’ll do all this and balance a new edition to the family…yikes!



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