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It Is Time!

All that know me, know that Simba and his father Mufasa have a special place in my heart….yes, I admit it…at 30 years old, Disney movies still rank among my favorites….and the “Lion King” tops the charts.  I’m not sure if it’s just my draw to big cats (I pretty much can’t stand domestic cats), the amazing opening scene that I used to love screaming at the top of my lungs (“maaaaaaasehenya” or the correct lyric “Nants ingonyama”) at the most inappropriate times (like in the hallways at school…..I know, what a winner, right?)….or just the story altogether…..can’t quite put my finger on it….but this movie is still awesome!

And in thinking of what to write tonight….I’m drawn to arguably the most pivotal point in young Simba’s life…..the point where….through the guidance, wisdom, belief and confidence that another (Rafiki) has in him….he is pushed past his perceived limits and in full pursuit of his ultimate destiny…. as king of the jungle (or Pride Rock in this case).

Ok, if you’re still with me….fair enough that you might be thinking, “Great recap of the Lion King…do you do the Little Mermaid too…..What the hell does this have to do with you, fitness, health, personal achievement, Pro-Activity, etc?”

Well here’s the thing….4 years ago when I got into distance running, I never thought my body could handle running sub 7:00 min pace for 26.2 straight miles (6:52 to be more exact)…..and although I liked to dream that I’d one day break the 3 hour barrier….I don’t know if I actually believed I could do it…… it’s historically been a mental block…a personal measure of achievement….and something I’ve always thought would be “awesome”.  And whereas I hope my ultimate destiny isn’t as superficial-sounding as a silly time-clock….for the time being…to me anyway…’s a pretty big deal.

After months (years actually) of training for something I’ve thought was important but maybe not quite doable… took the people I care about most to tell me in their own words and / or supportive actions “It Is Time”….”You Can Do This”, and so I shall (or give it every ounce I’ve got in pursuit)!

So here’s my question to you…..what “crazy” thing do you want to do….to go after….who in your life already believes in you….who has already told you (maybe more subtly, maybe abruptly)….”Go After It”….”You Can Do It”…….”IT IS TIME!!!

Here’s to you, me, and the pursuit of something great!  And to all reading this (whether you’ve ever said a word to me or not)…thanks for the push!

p.s. interested in following my race?  My splits will be automatically posted every 10k to my twitter @ericeisenhart for those who follow and to my facebook page

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Smarter, Not Harder

About 6 weeks ago, prior to the VA Beach 1/2 marathon, I wrote a blog about listening to your body….and how it will often direct you down the right path.  The message was clear….look for hints, warning signs, messages, etc from your body and you’ll continue to move forward….disregard the signs….and although you may achieve short-term gain…..long-term set-back is sure to follow.

Think about it for a minute….do any of the following consistently: eat poorly, sleep minimally, exercise sparsely, and your body will begin sending you messages….sometimes the messages are more discrete then others (like the odd cravings for sugary, fatty foods that come with stress and fatigue), sometimes they’re literally quote “silent” (like slowly rising blood pressure), and sometimes they slap us in the face when we look in the mirror.

Over training….many times on the other end of spectrum (except maybe for the sleep part which can occur while over training), will also lead to warning signs from your body.  Similar to the above, such signs can manifest themselves “silently” as individuals may experience increased resting heart rates….something that  is counter-intuitive for someone who has otherwise increased their physical fitness and would normally see decreased resting heart rates due to cardiovascular strength & efficiency.  Signs can be discrete, like increased irritability and susceptibility to colds, viruses, and sickness….and sometimes like when we’re less active and eating poorly…over training can lead to a slap in the face, with increased muscle and joint pain……or in my case….a slap to the foot (as I battle through plantar fasciatis symptoms two weeks from race day).

But thankfully, this time around, I’ve been an idiot and disregarded the signs enough times to now know that  key to individual peak performance (yes in endurance racing, but I firmly believe this principle applies to work / life) is knowing how to train (aka using our given resources) smarter….not necessarily harder.

So  after regular icing, ibuprofen, and rest for the last 48 hours….I’m starting to get some much needed pain relief…but today, instead of going out and pushing right away again (as I would have done in year’s past), I opted to cross-train….use a different, slightly less desirable method of training, to ensure I’m healthy for “game day” and one (small) step closer to my goals, rather than two steps back.

Maybe you’re not an endurance athlete, in that you don’t race by foot, cycle, or swim – but I urge you readers (there’s at least one or two of you out there right?) to consider how your ability to endure… the office…the classroom….as a boss, a coach, or a parent, effects your performance.  Take a look at your internal resources….are you using them in the smartest way possible, or are you robbing the golden goose?  Take a good listen to what your body is saying…..can you hear it?  Stay smart…..endure…..achieve!


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A Community Affair

This was a good week…..with the first ever O’er Hills & Far Away Race (OHFAR) and Harvest Festival now in our rear view….which like all good things….took a TON of work to pull together……..I calmly look back on the past 7 days and continue to say…”well, it was worth it!”

NickMike, and Amy, already shared some great overview, inspirational thoughts, and perspectives….so I don’t want go back and reiterate….but what I will say…..what most moved me is the feeling of a community of people pulling together to make this happen…

Yes, of course we had a great cause in supporting a handful of not-for-profit charities….but in many ways…those that gave the most had nothing personal to gain, except that they were doing their part because they believed that doing something bigger than themselves is important….that supporting their community and it’s members is important…..and because sometimes we all need to do things, not for an extra dollar in our pocket or personal benefit…but because it’s the right thing to do……and it was awesome.

For me, I can’t really say that I didn’t get ANY personal benefit out of this event….with a nice group of new faces visiting our facility for the pre-race expo (although I’m sure I could argue the “give” on our part for this event was more than the “get”)…but for some of our clients and close friends….they just “gave”.  And it was awesomely inspiring.

There’s too many to list….but you know who you are…..and Thank You!


Switching gears a minute……….holy crap…my Dad says that all the time….soon I’ll be watching tv while sitting in the family room….in a hard-backed kitchen chair…. with my nose propped up by one finger so it “works”….inside joke for you Eisenhart kids reading…love ya Dad…and speaking of the man…..funny to hear all the OhFar racers comment and say “Oh yeah, and there was this really loud, older man, cheering me the whole way…he was so loud and positive…he made me want to keep going”….yup, that was Tom Eisenhart folks……ANYWAY…….

Ok, really switching gears………so I think I’m pretty close to being ready to break 3 hours in 3 weeks at Marine Corps Marathon (10/30/11)…this weekend I was pretty pleased to run 24 miles, averaging only 5 seconds slower than my previous PR pace (7:05)…that’s pretty much awesome for a training run…..thanks to Frances Koons, Julie Culley, and Chris Farley for pacing me to an awesome workout.  And special thanks to Chris Pannone and GenUCan for giving me some samples of the GenUCan product….I was amazed to only take two packets before the workout…one at 16 miles, and nothing else but water….little more guinea pig research on myself, but I’m liking things so far!


Last but not least….if you haven’t heard yet….ANOTHER legend is coming our way….this time it’s Marshall Ulrich….a guy who has spent a lifetime achieving the unimaginable……3,063 miles by foot in 52 days at 57 years old…this guy ran across America….he climbed Mt. Everest (and all it’s smaller brethren among the 7 summits)….he’s done some impressive stuff….and now he’s coming to share his story with us.  Join us if you’d like…free to all.  RSVP HERE


Details from Marshall’s event page below

11/7 | Lebanon, New Jersey, “An Evening With Marshall Ulrich” atPro-Activity

Run and Fun (Presentation, Book Signing, Social Run).We meet up at BaseCamp 21 (1250 Rt. 31 North) at 5:45pm for a jog/run of about 3 miles, and then we’ll head back for an inspiring presentation, time for q&a, and book signing. This is part of Marsh’s celebratory return to the NYC area on the anniversary of his historic finish! Be sure to RSVP at or on Facebook.

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Umm…what happened to Tuesday

Ever have one of those days when things feel like they’re moving at a ridiculous rate?  So fast that before you know it, your face down in bed and the next thing you hear is the alarm to wake you up.  If so, then you can relate to my Tuesday.

It started with an early commute and by 6:30a, I was in full sprint with the team at one of our health screening events.  And although it wasn’t planned to be a busy event (so being down one team member was no big deal)….by 7:30a I felt like a health screening machine (oh, is that not cool?  sorry)….and I could feel the sweat running down my back….attractive right?

Before I knew it, we were back in the office, and although I somehow found a way to double book myself, twice in a four hour period…miraculously it all worked out in the end (thanks to one client for the no-show, and Mike for covering a meeting with an OhFar charity partner).  And amazingly enough….by the time I crashed, I had gotten (or so I thought) all necessary items for the day accomplished…including a 6 mile “easy” run (crazy how when you’re training for a distance event your paradigm shifts and you find a way to just “squeeze 6 miles in”).

But when I got up this morning….I realized….holy crap….it’s Wednesday….and Tuesday’s my day to add some ramblings to the blogo-world.  So here it is….more than 10 hours late….and I have but one small token of advice, wisdom, encouragement, etc. to share……


What’s OHFAR?  Hmm…let me see if I can summarize:

  • Harvest Festival & Tailgate
  • X-Country Style Fun Run open to all
  • An Invitational Elite Race to spectate (or run in if you’re really really fast).  Check out some of the elites HERE
  • A Bier Garden
  • A place for kids to enjoy games and pony rides
  • An expo to get free health, fitness, and running advice from Hall of Famer’s, professional athletes, and medical professionals
  • A day out in the country….across 135 acres of beautiful, 75 degree sun-soaked farm landscape
  • Something You don’t want to miss
I’ll be there…look for the guy limping around after Friday’s 24 miler….recovery drink of choice, in hand.
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