The Circle of Life

I had a friend tell me yesterday… “Wow, you must have a lot on your mind these days”.  My brother recently captured much of it….what he termed “Chaos” in his blog.  And after reading (and getting over the fact that I was thinking of writing something similar) I had to almost laugh out loud, thinking of all that’s going on.  And actually, before turning off the lights for sleep last night, I chuckled as I envisioned myself starring in some of the clips below.

But I find that with faith, strength, focus, and perseverance….amidst  the “chaos” as Mike termed it and the deep sadness my family felt with the passing of our grandfather, often comes unmatched joy through the circle of life.  The joy in finding order, the joy in pulling through, the joy of hard work paying off, the joy of new found energy….and for my wife Amy and I…the joy of new life.

This past week, among all of the chaos, unpredictability, unexpected opportunity (and work that goes along with it), came the news that Amy and I will be having a baby girl (our first)….and in that moment…as we cut the cake with family at our “gender party” and revealed the inside of the cake dyed pink (to represent girl)….faces lit up…things got “really real” (for Amy & I anyway)….and joy overcame the room.  And looking back, over the last 7 days and the events that were leading up….I’ve relearned a few lessons my parents taught me years ago:

  1. God works in mysterious ways
  2. “Chaos” is worth it!

It’s the Cirle of Life; And it Moves Us All

Through Despair & Hope; Through Faith & Love

Till We Find Our Place; On the Path Unwinding

In the Circle; The Circle of Life……

Michelle Cyphers does great work! Hire her if you need an awesome cake!

And the verdict is..."Pink"

I may have been thinking "Oh Crap...Here We Go"

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