Go To Your Happy Place

So here it is, staring me in the face….the culmination of 16 months of training…less than a week now till my trek through “Beantown” (115th Running of Boston Marathon) and all that’s left is to get my mind as prepared as my body is.  I’m in the thick of tapering….a one to two week period where you drastically cut your training volume back to allow your body to fully recover from the trauma and stress that training can place on your system.  And now it’s time to really hone my focus on my race day strategy and mental approach (actually I should have probably been doing this for the past month or so)

***side note – not all “trauma / stress” is a bad thing…..I use these terms loosely….but in fact without external stressors on the system…our bodies’ can’t adapt and increase capacity….and without continually alternating different types of stress and recovery, we can’t continue to progress (read more about the principle of adaptation, and the overload principle)..another blog, another time***

It’s funny, so many (maybe all) of the keys to success in life’s challenges (both those we bring on ourself and those that are brought on us) lie between our ears.  I find it’s often at least as much a game of confidence as it is a game of skill, physical prowess, and endurance.  It’s our confidence and mental state that allows us to believe we CAN do it, and that pushing through short term or temporary “pain’ IS WORTH IT!

So it’s that time…I need to (in the words of a wise man named “Chubb’s” from a true American classic, “Happy Gilmore”) go to my “Happy Place” and get my head focused on the task ahead.  

I’m not quite in my happy place yet…and I’m still contemplating final race strategy to PR (my first goal is sub 3:10), reach my stretch goal (sub 3:05), and possibly….if the stars align and I can pull from all the strength of those supporting me in this effort (you who can make it, those reading this, and those following from home)….maybe, just maybe, I can reach my lifetime running goal of breaking the 3 hour mark.

So do I stay conservative out front and finish strong….or go hard out of the gates, put the pedal down and try and hang on……more reflection…more thought….more mental preparation….my body’s ready….my confidence is getting there….I’m almost in my “happy place”…stay tuned…should be a wild ride.  Wish me luck, say a prayer…and I’ll be sure to  capture some stories and bring back to share!

p.s. If you are interested in following my progress and getting text message updates of how I’m doing and my splits, times, etc…..click here and track me on the course….I’m bib # 4815.

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