Sometimes getting away from it all helps you look out for what's next!

So I guess I’ve been going pretty hard lately.  Training for the upcoming Boston Marathon with 40-50 miles weekly, working diligently to continually innovate and keep our service offerings fresh and rewarding to Pro-Activity clients and staff, launching or preparing to launch a few new pilot offerings / programs, pushing through what seems like more than your average amount of road-blocks when opening a new commercial site, actively participating in an ever growing Endurance Club (http://pacerteam.pro-activity.com/), completing continuing education to renew my Personal Training certification, doing my best to sacrifice my personal time for others in the Lenten season (I’d say I’m doing just “ok” here), and recently “volunteering” to coach a local track & field club one night per week.  Ok, wah wah, cry me a river….we’re all busy, right!  I get it.

But what I’m still trying to master is this whole recovery thing….if you’ve been reading along with my colleagues or on our monthly communication website http://thrive.pro-activity.com you know by now that the research says recovery (along with Move, Fuel, & Endure) is one of the 4 essential building blocks to optimal human performance.  I mean, it totally makes sense….get moving, put the right fuel in the tank to keep you moving, recover enough so that you’re fresh and ready to go hard again when needed, and never give up…..endure life’s challenges and you’ll assuredly be successful.

Of the four, “Recover” has never come easy to me…I’ve always been your classic type A over trainer…pushing my limits because I “need” to be in control….I “need” to achieve….I “need” to win…..and more than once, it’s left me over-done, a bit beat up, and a few times on the brink of serious injury.  And while I’ve gotten better over the last few years at understanding the balance of pushing yourself physically to the edge vs. over the edge, I’m definitely still learning how to loosen up a little bit, and decompress mentally & emotionally back to balance.  But thankfully, about six and a half months ago…something amazing happened….I got married (surprised?..I’m still a little shocked someone was agreeable to this as well)….and one thing I’ve quickly learned about (healthy) marriage…you don’t get to be totally “in control” all the time….and for good reason!

So this past Friday, my 30th birthday, my wife surprised me when she put the two of us a cruise ship for a quick getaway to the Bahamas (FYI, in my opinion 4 day trips are the perfect amount of time to recover but not get so far out of routine that you dread coming back)….it was full of relaxation and recovery (calories too, but that’s another whole story)….my aches and pains from the training are near gone….my head is as clear as I can expect it….I’m back to balance and ready to move again and endure the next push towards many exciting milestones ahead!

Stay tuned, and please share some of your favorite “Recovery” tips by commenting or posting on the Pro-Activity facebook page http://www.facebook.com/goendure

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