Why Ask Why?

Over the last 7 years I’ve had the privilege to work with many determined individuals reaching for personal bests.  It’s something that many of us think of often, especially around the turn of the calendar year…some strive for personal happiness or self-worth, some to avoid physical or emotional discomfort, pain or disease……Think about it….it makes sense…be it health and fitness related, professional, athletic or just life in general…..who doesn’t want to “Live Better”? ..

**Side Note** Did you know some research indicates that less than 10% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions:(

In my last few posts I referenced “Who” (i.e. You are the only one accountable to and responsible for your actions), and “What” (i.e. your vision that you are moving toward)…..but before we can draw up a plan (“How”)….we must first understand “Why”?!!…..Why is it that we, as individuals, want to pursue our vision…..our “what”?

In my experience, I have found that those people who can truly answer “Why?” are time and time again the same individuals that develop realistic action plans, set specific milestones and accountabilities, and achieve!  Seems like a deep question for a blog, huh?…..hmm…maybe there’s more to this being “LIVE” thing than a few challenging workouts and fruits & veggies….maybe we’ve got to peal back a few more layers….and reflect on “Why” at the visceral level…..maybe your knee-jerk response to “why” is because “I want to look better”, or “I want to be my best”….but what does that really mean?….I encourage you to take a few minutes…..dig deeper…much deeper.

For me, it’s pretty simple…..I’m a pleaser by nature….but what I most value…. what I am truly driven by…..my “Why”…is not just about serving others….but is rather the intrinsic feeling of self-worth that comes when I’ve helped guide someone I care about to advancement in their endeavors.  But here’s the trick…..for me, it’s not about simply doing for another person…but achieving together.  And I am only driven to this feeling of self-worth when the other individual(s) I’m working with meet me step for step.

Maybe it’s a client with fitness goals, a friend who’s child needs help focusing in school, or a member of our Pro-Activity family who is proud of what we’re building professionally.  When working together in these times, I am most fulfilled….it’s why I’ll work an additional couple hours when needed….it’s why spending an extra few moments is important and worth it…it’s why it’s important for me to be at my best…it’s why I choose to eat the way I do…it’s why I train for and race endurance events with our company logo proudly displayed….it’s why I pray for those I care about…it’s who I am…it’s why I’m (a)Live!


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