Insane in the “Man-Brain”?

So if you, like me, were still in school (middle – college) in 1993 you may remember the catchy tune released by Cypress Hill, “Insane in the Membrane”…..this little ditty popped into my head last week as I stepped outside for what was to be my last base-workout in the  current “base-training” phase I’ve been completing for an upcoming marathon (more on that in another post).  It’s funny, outside of the famous chorus (“Insane in the membrane….Insane in the brain!”), I can’t even recite one line of this former #1 single….but as I ventured out into what felt like the coldest day ever ( said it felt like 7 degrees)….I couldn’t help, “What am I thinking?….This is insane!”……and well…with all the “fun” that Old Man Winter has brought recently…rightfully so….

But while I trucked down Country Club drive and the blood began to leave my numbing fingertips…there seemed to be just enough juice  left in my “man-brain” to reflect and muster up a few insightful thoughts as to why anyone might leave the warmth of their home on a day like this.   A day where the couch looked especially enticing….a day that followed a late night filled with friends, a little too much food, and some “socially responsible” fun…a day where it would be so much easier to just hang out.  But as I hit mile four (of thirteen), and questioned why I was doing this, I remembered something I once read – people, in general, take action to:

  1. move away from or avoid consequence, pain, or detriment………..OR
  2. move toward something truly desired

Think about this for a second…sounds simple, right…and either strategy can be applied in so many instances, both effective.  I firmly believe (and am only further reinforced in my experience as a trainer and coach) that these simple principles are the root of effective personal goal setting, and are a critical first step in personal fitness, personal success, and effective lives!  If last week’s post was the WHO (i.e. “We” should Get Moving), this is the WHAT (to get moving toward or away from).

For me…. WHAT I’m moving towards is a personal best (hopefully) in the Boston Marathon this coming April……and let me tell you, with my fingers freezing, heart pounding and legs pumping throughout Hunterdon County… was most definitely a LIVE experience.   But WHY….HOW…..more on that later…stay tuned!

What are you moving toward in 2011?

This guy is definitely "Insane in the Man-Brain"

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