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Time to Get MOVING!

You’ve heard the phrase “Move It, or Lose It” as in, “move quickly, or deal with the consequences”.  Or maybe you’ve heard a recent exercise program to claim it will help you “Move It AND Lose It” referring to weight loss.  In my world, MOVE(ment) or moving, is simply one of a few key actions to ensure you are (a)LIVE…and stay that way for a long time.  Slice it and dice it anyway you want, read all the articles, journals, and research under the sun…and you’ll come to one simple conclusion:  Moving regularly (aka consistent exercise that will elevate the heart rate for 30-60 minutes daily) maintains the bodies ability to function, increases fitness, prevents disease, decreases stress, and enhances overall well-being and self-worth.  But would you believe that our ability to MOVE efficiently and effectively was key to our evolution….that stride for stride, humans may be the most advanced “movement machines” on the planet, that we are in fact the  “Inspector Gadget’s” of movement efficiency!

Research conducted by Harvard University paleoanthropologist Daniel Lieberman and colleagues, indicates that had it not been for specific human evolutionary advancements in our ability to MOVE we might not be enjoying our current seat atop the food chain….that in the early days we may have actually ran our prey to death!  Crazy to think, but in fact some research points to a human’s abundant sweat glands and efficient “cooling systems”, developed achilles tendons aka spring loaded ankles, the nuchal ligament which helps to stabilize the human head while running (Jerry Maguire’s buddy says it weighs 8 lbs.), and a muscular gluteus maximus aka “the powerhouse” as keys attributes in a highly tuned movement machine….kind of like Inspector Gadget’s “go-go gadget helicopter”.  Ponder this…..what happens when an animal and human jog on a hot day?…The animal lays down & pants to cool itself, the human replenishes liquids, sweats to stay cool, and continues on his or her way!  So would you believe that in 2004 and again in 2007 a human beat a horse in a 22 mile race??!!

Maybe that Darwin guy and his buddies were on to something when they said “Survival of the Fittest”.  Check out some of my MOVES here or look up my company Pro-Activity on Facebook, post on our wall and show us some of yours!
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Fit 2 Be (a)LIVE

When was the last time you felt alive?  Can you recall?  Maybe it was the day you gave birth or watched / coached from the side, maybe it was after you jumped out of a plane…or maybe a bit more subtle – like the time you got up in front of your colleagues and your boss and shocked them with your brilliance, like a live wire… maybe it was that time you were there in a tough time for a loved one and brought all of the energized compassion known to man, or maybe…just maybe, it was that time you pushed yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to the brink – only to look back at the success in your wake!

Fit 2 Be Live…as in Lively, Energized, Vibrant…you get the idea…it’s simple really, over the past 30 years as an athlete and the last 7 as a coach, trainer, and health & fitness specialist, and having trained hundreds of clients with diverse backgrounds and abilities (the “just getting going” to the “highest performing”), a few principles remain constant – those that are FIT are those that are truly (a)LIVE.  In this blog I’ll share some insight I’ve learned on my way, provide practical recommendations for functional FIT results, guide you through some extraordinary stories of real people and their journey to a fit life, and if you’ll let me – meet you step for step as you get / stay FIT 2 Be LIVE!

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